The Journey….is a daily process

I made a comment on my friend’s  Vercellonopace, blog post this morning. She wrote about  The Daily Process. I read through and was encouraged by the post and I gave my response in the comment section.

The Journey is about process,the process takes time. In time we are trained through life’s activities to become what we were made to become. Shed weights here and there, take on new disciplines, gain new perspectives, win some, lose some. It is a daily process.


Life happens on a daily basis,so wherever you are at in the Journey, don’t get beat down because you feel you should be getting better result than you’re getting.  Don’t despair because you feel as a single parent the workload is killing you.  Never give up on your dreams, never lose hope on that relationship, Never quit on You, it is a process it takes time and occurs on a daily basis.

Remember, it will end in praise! In the end you will win, just believe.

Someone once told me “Hope is no longer a strategy”, The word of God never said anything about hope been a strategy in the first place!

Hope does not put us to shame, because because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts,through the Holy Spirit he’s given us.


Let me encourage you as I encourage myself,No matter the heavy weight right now on your Shoulder, you don’t need to carry it alone, no matter how difficult the process ,may seem today, this too shall pass.

The journey is a daily process, The Lord is willing and able to go with you, to make the burden light and the yoke easy. If he carried the weight of the world on His Shoulder, Dear friend!  HE WILL CARRY YOU.

Will you let Him? It is a daily process


OBA 2016@The kingsoracle.

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