The Woman…Conduit of God’s Grace.


I am a woman after God’s heart,

Crafted in His Likeness,

Though marred by the fall,

I am redeemed through the Cross.

A woman in God

Through Him all my virtues flow.

Like Eve, the mother of all,In my frailties

I submit to His Lordship.

Like Sarah,I am my Father’s daughter.

A model of submission(though I am trying to be submissive still)

Like Deborah,I am phenomenal

Fearless,bold,a leading warrior.

Like Esther, though my beginning may seem insignificant,

I have a sense of destiny,

on the path of greatness and eternal relevance,

On the earth realm.

My beauty and gracefulness all working together,

To fulfill my Father’s Purpose.

Like Ruth,Loyal to God’s Family.

Like  Mary,the Mother of our Lord Jesus,

Be it unto me according to your words.

I have come as it is written of me in the volume of the books

To be an extension of God’s love to Humanity,Clothe with strength and dignity.

I am# designer’s original #spiritual#beauty#brain#bold#phenomenal#graceful#warrior#handmaidenofGod#daughterof themosthigh#completeintheLord#builder.

Kindly add to the hashtag,in celebrating the woman you are 😉

OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

This is an excerpt from my book on Womanhood…..coming soon.

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  1. whitec1971 says:

    Great poem about womanhood.


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