Excuse Lord, You have to wait #2.

This is the second part of the series I started last week. kindly check this link for  Part One.

There she sat,balancing herself on the couch, as the children grumbled their way out of the living room.

Go and do what I’ve told you to do now or else, you will be grounded’. They hurried out of the living and went about their chores as mummy has instructed. There was some quietness now,and Susan could enjoy her soap -opera in peace!

But as she kept on watching, she felt her heart melt with guilt,because here she was seating down to watch the TV at the expense of her meditation time.Though she tried to give excuse for herself,she couldn’t help the guilt feeling, before she knew it ,the episode was over.

At this time, it was already 7:00 am, She walked back into her room,sat on bed and feeling a lit disappointed in herself,she mumbled out under her breath

‘Baba,I am sorry’ and the conversation began.


‘Wow, Susie! ,said the Old Man. She likes it when the Old Man calls her Susie,because she feel the intimacy and bond she has never felt with anyone with the Old Man.

‘We were in the middle of a discuss,and you walked out on me, just like that’,The Old man continued.

‘That display of disregard says a lot to me you know.  Turning away from Susan.  She bent over as though kneeling and clasp her hands on his ankle

I am really sorry Baba,Please forgive me. You know I couldn’t help it, I just had to go watch the soap,and it wasn’t for long.Trying to justify herself.

It is not about being sorry alone, how would you feel if you were in a serious conversation with Tade or Sola,and they walk out on you in the middle of the discussion. Tell me how would you feel?

I know it was really wrong to have kept you hanging,but I didn’t mean any harm. Maybe I didn’t understand the implications. I am truly sorry Baba please forgive me. This time she held closely to Baba ankles and won’t let go. The Old Man bent over, took hold of hands and gently pulled her up.

Lovingly He wrapped his arms around her,  Once again she felt that warmth and shiver all over her,it was as though everything else melted away at that moment in time. All she felt was this resplendent aura that overwhelmed her, she felt her guilt being swallowed up in Baba’s warm embrace.

When you love someone,you are careful not to hurt that love’, said the Old Man.

Never you take love for granted, be it with your spouse,friends or even your Children. You people do these a lot, with the little things that you disdain.

It is those little things, little moments shared together that  shows Love is valued,’ He continued, you could have set time to watch your soap-opera later,and savor this moment. It alright Susie, now you know that I treasure more than anything, the moment we share together in Intimacy.

So many times, you keep me waiting while you go about your mundane stuffs, running helter-skelter as if the whole world will crumble on you, when all you need to do is just ‘take a chill pill’, There was a grin on Susan’s face as she heard Baba’s word.

‘Take a chill? she retorted,

Yes, take a chill pill. Baba repeated, because you know I am all you need. Don’t try to put me in the back seat and think that you got this. ‘You don’t got this, without your Old Man Susan. said the Old Man convincingly.

I am interested in every aspect of your life, even your favorite TV programs too, and by the way ,You will have to apologize to your Children.

Ehn?  Susan exclaimed,’what did I do Baba?

You are guilty of what you told them not to do,He said.  By saying sorry you let them know that you are not above making mistakes,neither are you above telling them ‘sorry’. By that they know and understand that you are not ‘macho-mum’ ,’Mrs untouchable’.

Both of them laughing, Macho-Mum indeed, Baba can be very funny when He wants to be. Susan thought to herself.


Baba- meaning Father.

Tade-Name of a person either male or female.

Sola-Name of a person either male or female.


OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

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