Flee…Memoir of a Church Boy. Episode 1.

Korede  sat quietly opposite Fadeke in the restaurant just around the Corner, on Fadeke’s street in Ishaga. The service girl eyed both of them quizzically wondering why they both didn’t touch their food,as she  tried clearing their table.

Korede waved away her thoughts-we no get any complain just comot the food. There was a moment of silence,He took gulp of the Pepsi Long throat bottle, bracing himself as if he was about to say something. Fadeke couldn’t bare the silence any longer.

Korede,you are not saying anything fa(using her native slang)-Won’t you say something!

“I said I’m Pregnant ! Which kain tin be dis now. She muttered to herself. Looking at Korede with disgust.

“Please for God’s sake,korede say something.

“Can we leave this canteen,and just go talk elsewhere?” Korede said suddenly. “I don’t feel comfortable around here”

“What,but there is nobody here…..okay, if that’s what you want.” Standing up,she pick her bag.

Father Lord, why is this guy behaving funny?

I don’t want all that “Baby Momma” drama ,Fadeke. I Thought you said you were using protection. Do you know what you are talking about at all, what will people say? That the music director is laying all the girls in the Choir department. Lord I am finished!

Oh! so I’m not only one abi, is that what you are telling me Korede?

‘You said we were going to get married o, you promised me Heaven and Earth’, said Fadeke in a defiant manner.

But I didn’t ask you to get pregnant, did I?”Korede bursted at her angrily

“Did I ask for you to get pregnant?” answer me now! 

Oh my goodness what have I gotten myself into?


OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.


 1. We no get any complain,just comot the food- we don’t have any complaint about the food. we lost our appetite.

2. Which kain tin be dis now meaning- what’s the meaning of this silence.


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