Saturday Muse.

What makes a writer is not the book deal or the platform. It’s the writing,Just the writing. 

What makes a musician is not the gigs or the tours or the platforms, it is the music, just the music.

What makes a person a wanderlust, is not in the places Traveled, or in the cities explored, It is the joy of wanderlust itself.

Whatever you are,whoever you are, Just do it!

It’s that time!

Just do you.

Happy weekend everyone.

I went by a few neighbors over the week, and I was profoundly blessed by their perspectives on life.  You may check them out as well, sure it will be worth your while 😉

Sharing is caring!.

Candice of thefeatheredsleep. Amazing great lady whose writing is just like her name. Candid and clear. I think I just found another great love who is straightforward and blunt, go check her out.

Nicola is Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. I have just joined the sometime stellar storyteller six word challenge. If you do have the time pop in.

Beholding Him Ministries. Amazing couple reaching out to the world with the Word of Life.

Ritu– Another exciting working mum,with great zest for life,ever smiling any way.

Ebukun’s He is my Son captivated my heart when I read her post. She is a simple,witty and resilient writer from my motherland, passionate about baking as well.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend of adventure with these amazing bloggers and many more.

Right now, I am going to have myself a cup of hot beverage and some veggies :-).


OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

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  1. It’s really true. What makes a writer is the writing.


  2. jessamayann says:

    So.. I’m not sure how to go about this. I have been impressed to start a journal of children’s art and poetry from around the world. My desire is to see this as a form of connection for the children of our world, a hands on experience for our children to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The proceeds will go to fund different missions around the world to help children to be fed, clothed, and a chance for education. Oba, could you gather some art and poetry from children there that may be interested? So far, the first journal’s proceeds will go toward the Haiti Helpers of the Bas Pinal orphanage ( you can find them online) Let me know what you think?


    1. kingsoracle says:

      How do you want it? should I look around for some of this from Children around my end,through photos and all that. I will be delighted to be of help dearest one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jessamayann says:

        You could take photos of the art or poetry and send it. But only with permission of course. I’m trying to get everything I’m by March 1.
        I would love to have art or writing about astronomy, geography, and always.. Music. you send it on my contact page?


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