7 alternative business models that every writer should consider

Talk about great business and possibilities in Rhymes….and Rhythms .These vital nuggets is worth considering.

Business in Rhyme


Once you have written your book, promoted and eventually got some satisfactory sales – is not the place where job around your book is finished. No, no 🙂 actually, this is an opening opportunity for you further to establish and build a credible business around your book. You might also think that this is applicable only to non-fiction authors, but it doesn’t have to be. Even as a fiction writer, there is a lot you can share with people and teach what you know. And you can translate that in multiple revenues of income. Mostly this falls into category of product-service-system business models, where around the product you offer, your clients/customers can enjoy  variety of related services.

Here is the list of interesting business model variations that I think every published author should consider:

  1. Speaking opportunities. Published book in your area of interest gives you the opportunity to position yourself…

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