Going On a Mom day- off.

Lisa and Priscilla, sat at the dining section in Priscilla’s new cottage about 3 hours drive from Lisa’s  having a little bit of ‘Girl time’ together. Giggling,laughing and just chillaxing  just like old times.

‘We should do this more often’, Lisa said, as she hung up the phone after booking a Spa treatment appointment for herself and Priscilla.

I mean I have been having a time of my life since I got here today’,

‘ It’s a breath of fresh air!! She exclaimed with a burst of excitement.

What’s with you today, Lisa -Lisa? Priscilla asked her friend in that tone of ‘Something’s going on and you wanna try hide it” voice.  You’ve all over the place all day as if you’ve just been set free from something,and you are like a bird ready to fly.

Maybe I am ready to fly away from all the drama with Justin and the Children, I have been bursting my ass off all this time ,with no gesture of appreciation from all of them. I lost myself trying to be a good wife and mother all for what?. They all take me for granted!

There was a bit of anger in her voice as she poured herself to her bestie of many years.

‘Justin’s too busy with office that he doesn’t even have time for me any more’, tears rolling down her cheek,smearing her make -up. She mustered a smile as she gently wiped her face.

‘Andrea feels he’s grown now,and I can tell him what to do again,

Mum I got this’, stop telling me what to do’. That line is an everyday thing between us at every conversation. The young lady is too engrossed with tweeting and face chatting, that the constant beep on her phone always drives me to the edge….

Priscilla was immediately by her side,’I know you are not mad at your family, Lisa,” she said gently.”I really don’t know what to say,but I have always admired you and always wished for what you have-You have a beautiful family Lisa,I respect you for setting asides all your dreams to put your family first”.

Lisa trudge back into the front patio area, a soothing feeling overwhelmed her as she sat down, ‘maybe it time to dust myself up,and pick my dreams again,don’t you think?. The Children are now teenagers ,they can look out for themselves whilst I am not around. Justin may not even notice me at all..but I will take a shot at my dreams again.”

” That’s what I am going to do”,.. her phone started ringing again, It was Justin at the other end trying to reach her. This was the 6th time he was calling….



OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. gloverdeb says:

    Justin do care after all… Sometimes our family get so used to having us around that they take us for granted. They never stopped loving us, they only need to miss us for a little while.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Yes oh! My Sister, they need to us for a little while, but how Ironic it is that when we take off like that ,in no time we are already getting worried about them…. Beats my imagination ehn! The life of a woman !!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Well, she wants to be wanted. Seems that she is pretty important to someone.


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