Love beckons…Still.

He said;

Come away with me my love

Come away with me to the other side

Where love talks, and love acts

To the place where our hearts beat as one

Where love covers all shades of wrong

Where our similarities are celebrated

our uniqueness is embraced

our differences are respected.


Come away with me

To where love has no colour

where we love each other still

even when we struggle to like one another

Come, come away

Love beckons on me.


She said;

Many many times I’ve given myself,

Believing it was love

O I was left shattered and scared

Love (That’s what I thought it was)

Left me empty inside

It never seems to smile at me.

I am afraid can I trust this ONE.


Love beckons….Come!

This one will never die

No, you’ll never hear the words “goodbye”

This  love won’t lie to you

Love will not hurt you.

Come away with me

Love beckons still.


©OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Colette B says:

    Beautiful poem! very happy to make your acquaintance – nice to see you enjoying Jacquie’s party – isn’t she an inspiring person and wonderful hostess! anyway, hope to see you again, best wishes 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Collette B, beautiful name I must confess:-). oh yes Jackie is an Inspiration anytime. Nice to know you are hanging out with her too. See you around 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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