Tuesday Trickles#3.. Dignity in Labour.

Taking an early morning walk just a few blocks from my house. I see men and women, artisans, shop owners, business owners all going about their daily work.

Some shop owners, already opened, while others are just getting to it. it’s a brand new day, another day for bargaining, buying and selling.

From the Old woman sitting by her kiosk selling Tomatoes and Pepper, to the Chief executive officer in that poised office complex, everyone has a goal to be productive and be profitable in all labour of the day.

Like the Yoruba Proverbs emphasised on the Importance of Work.

Ise logun ise.  (work is the antidote to poverty)

 Mura si se ,ore mi.  (work hard works smart  dear friend)

Ise la fi ndeni giga. (Hard work, Smart work brings success)

Bi a ko ba re ni fehin ti. (When there is no one to rely on)

Bi ole la ri. (We are perceived as being lazy)

Bi a ko ba reni gbekele. (when there is none to trust)

A te ra mo se eni. (we focus more on our work.)

The bible says,

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….. Eccle 9:10.

In response toJackie’s Thinking Corner. My thinking corner today was walking along the street and watching men at work. There is dignity in labour.



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  1. and when you do it with all your might, your just reward will come because a labourer is entitled to his just wages. Well said my dear 🙂


  2. gloverdeb says:

    Awwwwn! Reminds me of my mother’s favourite proverb. Thanks for sharing!


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks for stopping by ❤


  3. Work is not just good for the soul, it is necessary. Thanks for sharing.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      So true Sis. How are you doing? trust you are great. 😉


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