Finding Olajumoke….Celebrating TYBello.

There is a TYBello in everyone of us-

The Olajumoke story( Straight Outta Hawkings) has been the buzz around Lagos Nigeria in the past two weeks or more and it has even gained International interest, thanks to the social media platforms etc.

olaumoke 2.jpg
from Bread seller to world-class Model-Olajumoke Orisaguna.


Olajumoke Orisaguna is a young lady used to sell bread as a means of livelihood on the street of Lagos. She stumbled into divine providence by her diligence to make ends meet and cater for her family, she is a wife and a mother of two children. Today she is one the front page of many tabloids soft sell magazines and on google.

You need to check every nook and corner of the social media platform to really grasp how far and wide this story of “pauper to the princess” has gone.  This morning I just had a guss of goodness as my writing juice was flowing I couldn’t help the flow and I started writing.This post is  to celebrate the woman not only in Olajumoke but also TYBello.The modern day Naomi who helped pushed  Olajumoke to her place of prominence.

My Focus on Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday is on the ace photographer, I read on a friend’s facebook wall, “there is a TYBello in each one of us” and it got me thinking. I must admit that I am one of the many people who have been praying the ‘Olajumoke prayer’ – God let my destiny helpers locate me, don’t let them pass me by, just like you brought Olajumoke the bread seller to her destiny helper, Lord God bring me before mine. I can hear resounding Amen there. :D.

Just as much as that is a good prayer to pray, It is also very important to pray  the ‘TYBello’ line of Prayer. which is Lord make me a destiny helper for others? grant me the grace to respond to the desire to see others blossom. It is typical for us to always be on the receiving end in our mindset and perspective to Live, but as I thought about the whole story, I salute the kindheartedness and courage of TY Bello.


The helper and the helped!


The whole story started on that day going  about her business as a photographer, and a great one at that, she had done photo shoots for the who is who all around the globe, and this particular day was another opportunity for an international music act, the difference in that day’s photo shoot -A divine interruption will occur and will take both the photographer and the supposed’newbie’ who was not on the agenda of men, but in the agenda of God, to another level.

On that particular day, two destinies collided, and the impact of that collision caused a ripple effect ….globally!

The bread seller unassumingly walks into the middle of the photo shoot, not knowing that as  she walked into it, the lens of the creative photographer captured something, that something was the ‘Aha’ moment for the photographer and the lady.

Another photographer who has such an International caliber client would have screamed at the common bread seller to get out of the set. But this vessel through which Jumoke’s lineage would be changed did not do anything like that.She spotted and recognized a rare potential in an ordinary woman.

Secondly, She was willing to take the risk of using this so called ‘waka-pass’ for the world-class photo session. What would have happened if her client said no to the idea? But of course, He knew what TY was capable of, and as such didn’t question her judgment.

TYBello positioned herself  as a Tspringboard for Olajumoke’s turn around by her willingness to take the risk of her profession to allow another potential to blossom # food for thought. using her wealth of creativity and expertise to tap into an untapped virgin ability of another woman she unleashed that gracefulness that was already resident in Olajumoke and the rest they say is history. You see in life every Olajumoke needs a TY Bello who will help fan into flame the deposits of wealth and possibilities.


tybello 2
TYBello and Olajumoke brought together by divine arrangement.


I am enthralled and humbled by the act of kindness displayed by this amiable and noble woman TY Bello. Her role in this story brings to mind that song by Israel Houghton and the New breed,”Power of One”


The Amazon: Toyin Sokefun-Bello.


What if it all depended on me

To change the world

What if my only responsibility

Was to change the world

Let me the one to start a revolution…

It all begins with one

The power of One

Please don’t close your eyes

Please don’t turn away

Put love on display 

And make a difference.

Because TY, didn’t close her eyes she saw beauty instead of ashes and hopelessness in Olajumoke, now others are helping to keep the bread hawker who is now a shining star, moving forward.

I celebrate this Woman of greatness, who has helped another woman to find greatness! and all the women out there helping other women to find themselves…… a covenant to friendship and sisterhood!


OBA 2016@TheKingsoracle.







6 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s truly a great story. I have been following it and so glad about TY”s large heart. I shall add Amen to your prayers. God will send your helpers to locate you. All it requires is just one person and one opportunity.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      The power of one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not the power of one! She had the power of the Almighty who was just using her as an instrument. When God says go, you can’t stop because he will make you go. Remember Jonah? The Glory belongs to God.


      2. kingsoracle says:

        That’s also very true. The glory is God’s.


  2. Powerful story and inspiration to change our “self-centered” perspectives!


    1. kingsoracle says:

      That is it, when we focus on helping others grow ,we indirectly are also growing.


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