The beats goes on…13 years still counting.


When the concert of life began 13 years ago.


Today we celebrate 13 years of marriage. Wow, it all seemed like yesterday. There were times I felt like ending it all. Thank God I did not allow my stubbornness get the best of me. Love found me many years before He could summon the courage to ask me out.

He once told me that the first time he saw me was in church, that petite young girl, vivacious and always on the move, but He knew.

One day she will be mine, He said.

Truly I became his, and he became mine.


Walking the road together forever.



It will be a rhythmic journey, sometimes the chords sync with the vibes

Other days we just went off-key, and the sound became pale.

But then again, The tempo became an upbeat and we  could dance on and on.

The mixture of the genres and style of music all played in this love story, someday I became black and blue.

The blues won’t even melt my  hardcore Hip-hop Rap mind, Then he played softly on the drums  giving me a brush stroke with that single paradiddle. I knew I wanted to stay in this concert forever.

Here I am with my Afro free spirited neo-soul, can this soul bird fly again, because she has to take care of her nest, she can hear two beautiful birds now.

It’s no longer two became one, two became four.

The concert hall has expanded and now we have new voices,

The sound of these cuties kept us through the Legato season.

They came with great accompaniment to the sound of this music.

Some days it andante, in a moderately slow tempo

Other days it was a cadenza, each one finding expression in the group. 

The staccato phase helped us to value the importance of each note, and together we produced great vibes.

13 years of beautiful rhythmic flow, the great artistry of four lives woven together by the hand of the Master. A tapestry of  colorful masterpieces.

13 years of the Musical; Love was, Love is, and love will always be.

The mixture of the legato,  staccatos, andante and the cadenza makes the journey a jolly ride indeed.

andante and the cadenza makes the journey a jolly ride indeed.

If you ask me; I will choose Adewale (my beloved) again and again.

I will share the concert stage of life with you over and over again.

To the director of this Symphony- The Father from whom all families on earth derives its name.


Smiling and looking ahead into the future.


All the glory belong to you o Lord.

I am truly grateful for the Union Lord.

To many more years ahead My love.



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  1. Happy anniversary to both od you! Wishing you many more years of happiness filled with love!!


  2. mandibelle16 says:



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