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  1. bisimodupe1975 says:

    So captivating and beautiful!!!


  2. Laura says:

    This photo is beautiful. The view must be breath taking!

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  3. leannenz says:

    yes, I think Mo her Nature’s middle name is bliss! Looks like a great hike. Where was it taken?

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  4. Blissful. The breeze at the top will be very cool and serene.

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  5. rosemawrites says:

    Nature in its rawness is indeed a delightful experience. 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Indeed 🙂 Thanks Rosemawrites.

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      1. rosemawrites says:

        My pleasure! 😀

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  6. shandraeats says:

    Looks breathtaking!

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  7. Mesca says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, the color and all. Blissful indeed!


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