Be You! Do your call.

It’s been a beautiful week so far, with the kick off of Photo101, and all the in-betweens. I am particularly grateful that yesterday I crossed the 100+ likes. According to  March 10th was my best ever day for likes, at exactly 114 likes.


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Now, that’s a great milestone for me, and I am so grateful to God, and all my readers and followers.  Thank you for always been there to support me, with your presence, comments, and everything.

A dear friend and sister of mine wrote something about celebrating the little, seemingly insignificant achievements. Little is much when you have a gratitude attitude!

One of my writer/mentors said something the other day he said when your calling seems vague and unclear then you are on the right path, I  tried very hard to digest that thought!

As I pondered on it over and over again, I could actually identify with his point of view with respect to this calling of mine. writing!

William Gibson said,

We see in order to move,we move in order to see.

We know that there is so much talk about discovering and following our dreams, most of us know what we were born to do, the challenge has always been how to articulate this dream. I have always had a passion for writing, and I’ve managed to publish a book, but it was not until I started this blogging journey that I got to understand  that writing must be a continuous discipline.

Though I have  two drafts of new book projects, I have been taught not to wait for clarity. Many of us are waiting for clarifications before taking action. The truth is clarity comes with action. It is natural to hesitate, but taking action is not optional as far as the dream is concerned.

I have never had clarity,I have only ever had trust- Mother Teresa.

I am gradually taking steps to pick up the ‘abandon projects’ and step into action. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially when the creative juice isn’t flowing.

Just because it’s hard does not mean quitting is the next option.It is easy to name and claim a dream, but what is most important is the disciplined practice of the craft. Ever since I started blogging again, it has become a daily discipline, and as a result, of that, the muscle is been strengthen.

For a dream to have real value, you have to practice it….consistently! I confess it is not always easy, but whoever said  your calling will be easy. You become what you consistently practice.

Discovering our life’s purpose will require action and some reflection, this is how we will be able to grow the awareness of our calling, and then be able to realize, line upon line, precept upon precept, that this might just be what we were born to do.


Pause and Think.

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  1. Thanks for this timely word Sis! Very timely.


  2. oneta hayes says:

    Congratulations. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a blessing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thank you Oneta!


  3. Hmm! Love the quote by Mother Teresa “I have never had clarity, I have only ever had trust.” Trust is an essential ingredient for living life one day at a time.


  4. It will end in praise. We need no clarity but trust in He who leads us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kingsoracle says:

      That’s very true.


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