Celebrating Womanhood ..Wednesday!

Today on celebrating womanhood, I want to focus on ‘a woman’s place- Equal and different. 

Ever since the world began,prejudice has persisted against the Woman,after much difficult struggles through the years “she” who was once mainly perceived as servant-slave-maid, baby factory,property and one who the did work considered to be beneath the menfolk,is now participating and seen as a major player in every sector of Human development all over the world.

Many women are now involved in opportunities and activities that were once ‘male -oriented,such as Leadership,Management,Sport,Politics,even religion.

However,in as much we as we can vouch for some level of improvement ,in most societies, the womenfolk still suffers the prejudice of the male against the female.

If the nations of the world understood God’s purpose for  both sides of humanity, they would have realized that the spirit of equal rights and the canvassing for such rights was never the intent of God in the first place,because he had already made us equal.

Men and women were created equal! it is not debatable, it is not for any congress or cabinet to decide. He made that decision in creation.

Though created equally by the Creator himself,both are different by design. we know that may societies have promoted the false view that because women have a different physical and emotional makeup ,they are inferior to men,also certain women have adopted the notion that men are also inferior to women, but what both sides have failed to understand is the value of these complementary difference between men and women.

That’s the reason there are so many conflicts, these conflicts occur because we’ve failed to understand and appreciate our God-given differences.

Woman! when you allow others to declare,you are submitting your rights to them,and that right there has consequences.Your place as a woman is in God!

The power of feminity is in knowing that you are God’s own girl and that the society cannot call you what your Father has not called you.

To all the women who have found their place, and to those who are still  trying to find their path.

I celebrate the woman in you. 😉






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  1. moonskittles says:

    Gorgeous!! 🙂


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