4 ways to rekindle your love for writing

Something worth paying attention to, from my dearest Poet Maja! Thanks for this insightful Post.

Business in Rhyme


As everything goes in life, so the writing process can has its ups and downs. Motivation can come in cycles, and it can be hard to stay on track with writing. Hence, there are some tricks you can employ in order to have that persistent inspiration and willingness to record your thoughts and story.

1.Write, scribble, jot, journal..even when you don’t feel like doing it and what ever your write you think is just pure rubbish.

Taking action of actual writing can serve as a huge motivator and the more you immerse yourself in the process of writing, the more confidence you will regain. Especially after taking some break, writing can seem to us a bit rusty and uncompelling, but all you need is to practice. With practice you become better – as you become better, the more joy for writing you will feel.

2. Keep faith in the creative…

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