You’re Lovable


You ‘re Lovable,truly loved by God.


Psalm 139 poetically describes the purest and most dynamic love any being could have for another. The writer’s tone conveys an unparalleled and incomprehensible intimacy between the Creator (the subject) and His workmanship (the voice). I’d encourage you to read the Psalm for yourself, but, from my reflections, here is a summary and proof that you are, indeed, lovable:


  1. He knows you. He examines you as His flawless craftsmanship. You are a masterpiece. He studies your every move, watching as everything He foreknew comes to fruition. Yes, He knows you extremely well (1-6).
  2. He follows you. His presence envelops you even in your darkest moment. He, in fact, has conquered your darkness with His inextinguishable light (7-12). Yes, He is with you, no matter where you go.Image-1-2.jpg
  3. He anticipated your arrival. He watched carefully and patiently as your delicate intricacies developed. He saw everything you were, and everything you would become. Yes…even before you were aware (13-16).

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  1. silviamagda says:

    This is my favorite psalm. 🙂


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