On your way to the #spotlight!

Coping with rejection in the creative Industry can be horrendous,especially when the pressure of doing much more begins to set in. In our world where there is so much obsession with fame and success.

The anonymity or “nobody knows me” syndrome is somewhat a plague, trust me I know what I am talking about. On several occasions, I get an invite to come perform at an event at the end of it,the reception is amazing,and the commendations.

Afterwards, I  get this line of comments,”we don’t know you? since when have you been doing this work? why are you not in the spotlight? it goes on and on.

In all honesty, I have been in my kind of creative platform for a while, so when I hear such comments it often tend  to demoralise one.

We all love the idea of getting what we want now without considering the negative implications of such desires,I mean success can sometimes hurt! So it’s okay to be “invisible” or be anonymous while you are on your way to the spotlight!

There is actually a blessing to being invisible at least for a while before you ‘re thrown into the spotlight,so I have discovered.

  1. When you are anonymous,you can experiment with new things we all know that fame brings pressure to perform and that leads to playing safe ,not wanting to take risks or thinking outside the box. when you’re still in that “nobody” stage you can experiment with expectations.
  2. It is often easier to grow your craft in the shadow than in the spotlight, there is a shadow side to sudden success-It usually doesn’t last long. It is better to desire opportunities to create enduring work even before spotlight comes knocking.
  3. Those who found meaning in their work have always had a unique perspective on failing. The question is how do you interpret failure?

Failure is an opportunity, let failure teach you without defining you.

Sometimes,popularity can be more a burden than a blessing. what determines a person’s success beyond the talents or potentials is the perspective you choose to embrace at any given moment.

What does this mean to someone who is not considered as a music great,or a great writer? It is a caution not to chase fame too quickly. I remember after my 1st album was released many years back,all I wanted was to be in the spotlight,be everywhere and all that. 2 decades + almost 3 albums achieved I have learnt -let success come when it want to come.

Who cares about your ‘anonymity’. You invisibleness to the world right now means you can create better, and more interesting work of art before the pressure to perform is fully unleashed on you.

Advantages of being ‘anonymous’.

  • Embrace this stage and use it to your advantage-Try new things, practice without the pressure to perform-At the end of the day, you’ll be better for it.
  • Being ‘anonymous at this stage of your craft is actually an opportunity for growth
  • Enjoy your failure while you can .fall on your face without people talking about it and learn from it.

So what am I trying to say in essence?  Is it that being in the spotlight or being popular /successful in your field is wrong?

My point in all this :

Don’t avoid the spotlight,but don’t race towards it either. If you stay committed and consist with your crafts per excellence…The spotlight will be yours eventually.

Instead, build your craft slowly and the razzmatazz and fanfare come when it does.

Be intentional about your goals and desires,pay attention to your art, but do not be anxious about anything.

At the end of the day, all great works get it’s due, eventually!

Though it lingers ….wait for it!(Hab 2:3)


Enjoy a beautiful weekend





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  1. Excellent advice and encouragement for us creatives! You have a blessed weekend as well.

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