Jacob,You&Me, We’re All Limping!

Hey now, it’s a little deep


I’m tired,broken,innocence stolen

And I know I’m a different man

See life hits,and life hurts

Think I’ve seen some of life’s worst

But you’ve been here ,so you understand


See I failed and I broke something

But I couldn’t tell,cause I kept running

Away from your love and grace

So my trips,and my pains

My failures,thy only make

Me desperate ,to seek your face.

The devil hoped this injury would make me stop

And take defeat, but I know Jesus walks with me

So I’ll just keep on walking with my

Limp,limp,limp,limp,uh huh…… (Lyrics from JonathanMcreynolds Limp).

This song is one of favourite on my top ten playlists. It sometimes funny how you hear a song from someone and you just wished you wrote the song 😀 , That’s the way I feel with almost all of Jonathan’s song Life Music-stage One and two please go check them out.

I believe he got his inspiration from the battle with Jacob and God in the old testament. Genesis 32:22-32.

For many of us Jacob is an epitome of a deceiver, but was Jacob really a swindler that many of us considered him to have been? I guess that’s a topic for another time. My focus today on #MondayMusic&Me is to help us see how we can still function in our God-given assignment even while walking with our limp.

Life hits, and life hurts,we are all have failed at one point, but all that was mean’t to strengthen us as we keep walking with limp.

Jacob had a life changing encouter with God,at a point when he got tired of running all the time,at a point of his brokenness he met with his creator when all his mistakes made him desperate to seek God.. and did he find God even in his imperfections? Yes, he did!

Limp are every weakness, every flaws,disadvantage that keep us from having ,an otherwise perfect walk or perfect lifestyle. After Jacob’s encounter, He was transformed because he had a name -changing session with God,but He came of that experience with a limp. To let him know at every point in his life when he begins to feel  inadequaTE, or insecure he will always remember that HE IS NEVER ALONE AS HE KEEPS ON WALKING WITH HIS LIMP.


I’ll keep on walking with my limp.


In case you’re struggling with your passion and your love, just keep on walking with your limp.Not matter what people are saying just keep walking with your limp.

Just like Jacob, was changed and transformed, you can be saved in your limp. You can still experience God’s unfailing love even in your limp.

As you and I battle through life,for our purposes and destinies, we will be injured and be scared, Remember God’s word assured us, that we should never hesitate to come to him,with our heavy burden,we can still experience his love even with the limp, we will be saved even with our limp.

Jacob, You,and Me, the sick ,the flawed,the lame,the weak,we’re all handicapped but God gives us our strength back when we continually seek His face,knowing that He is the lifter of our heads as we keep on keeping on …… with our Limps!

I’ll  just keep on walking with my limp!

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


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