Yesterday’s Dream…Today’s Reality!

Early today, I got hooked on my “becoming journal” dated 2008.  I got so hooked on reading I read for about 3 hours,flipping from page to page  . Wow! I was amazed at some of the things that were written like 8 years ago. It is such an awesome feeling to  read about those dreams penned down many years back, have all been realised. Almost all of them  have become reality today!. The in-between is called the process.

Tuesday Trickles is a wonderful platform with Jackie’s thinking corner. where you can share your thoughts, ideas, poems, issues, quotes, anything and everything that can propel and motivate others to positivity and add value to others.

Dreams do come through no matter how long it takes.

Keep on dreaming and keep those dreams alive, and while you are at it

Remember your yesterday,

Dream your tomorrow

Live your today, because today is the tomorrow you dreamt of , yesterday!


yesterday's dream.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Write the vision…though it linger……wait!

OBA@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. how much you’ve learned and grown within the last 8 years…:)


  2. oneta hayes says:

    I, also, found old writings today, from 1998. In it I wondered if I would still be doing satisfying things at eighty. I’m now 82 and I feel like I am still doing as well or better than ever, with few exceptions, few hindrances in health and finances that I didn’t have then but mostly I am still producing and loving what God is doing in my life – especially in letting me still be doing some things to serve people.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Wow! How awesome.


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