Wfm (91.7) The Women Inspired Radio Station.

You’re on to WFM 91.7 Nigeria’s 1st radio station for women …and their families. It is the Evening Experience and we have an  amazing guest in the house this evening….OBA!

That was the soothing voice of one of Nigeria’s OAP-Bisola Aiyeola who received me at their station yesterday. The interview experience was really awesome with Bisola and her Crew. That  was my first radio show to promote my music,and it wasn’t a coincidence that my first radio gig,was at a radio station specially set up for the Woman!

Today,On Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday,I am dedicating this Post to celebrate WFM 91.7. You already know how passionate I am about “Womanhood”,so when I hear about platforms, or projects set up to enhance womanhood . I embrace such!

WFM 91.7 hit the Nigerian airwaves towards the end of the year 2015 and was primed to be a reliable, leading and trusted  source for all information and matters of interests for women and their families engaging on issues of local,national,and international importance to all.

Though licensed for women,the radio station’s programming content is designed to also cater for the men and the family by engaging and addressing everyday issues of interest for women, the men in their lives and their families.

So it was such a great honor for me when I met the CEO of WFM 91.7 some weeks back at a Charity Event where I performed. I celebrate this great Visionaire, Toun Okewale-Sonaiya for this great cause,creating a platform for the voice of womanhood. The chance meeting  birthed the Interview session I had last night at the radio station.


With the MD/CEO WFM 91.7- Toun Okewale-Sonaiya at the British Council, Lagos.


I just love this logo,there something about the W and that frequency wave
That moment when you’re transported into a deeper realm of surrender listening to the song on air #LeadMe
Myself with the Multi-talented OAP,Singer,MC with a swag-Bisola Aiyeola
We all had #fun #blessed and Motivated.


#iamOBA…..making a divine statement with an African signature!


Today I celebrate the Women of substance

Today,I celebrate women of worth

Blazing trails in the airwaves

Great amazons touching lives

Through Information per seconds

Ladies with depth, finesse, and class

Champions of great cause

With conversations as art

I celebrate the women of WFM RADIO 91.7

Women of Confidence

Competent, Agile, barrier breakers

Here’s to you

Toun Okewale-Sonaiya, Bisola Aiyeola

Tito, Lanre and all the amazing minds…

To all my sisters ,blazing trails in their different fields

In the home front, the corporate world, art,entertainment

Politics, or the judiciary.

To all the women 

Young and Old

Pursuing their goals

Achieving their dreams….fearlessly!

Ride on girlie

Keep on shining

Now and Always.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.






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