Random Musing#20.

We are all on a constant journey of Becoming.

Becoming wiser as we mature

Becoming more involved in other people’s lives

Becoming more relevant and impactful in our communities

Becoming better persons, sons, daughters, parents, siblings

But the ultimate form of Becoming is…

Becoming like Christ,

Becoming less religious as we strive for deeper intimacy

Becoming less satisfied with the ideals of this world

Becoming less and less entangled in the things of this world

Becoming less likely to fall for the antics and lies of this world.


It is a journey of Becoming and un-Becoming,

Most of all , It is God’s utmost desire that we become like Him

In the earth realm.

04-28-2016 19-31-19



I want to know Christ……becoming like him in his death….attaining to the ressurrection from the dead.



Pause and think


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  1. oneta hayes says:

    Powerful message, Oba, written beautifully.


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