Surrounded by Mountains. Holy Land bliss#3


The scriptures say in Psalms 125:2,

A sthe mountain surrounds Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people.

One can see this bible passage evidently as you drive through the city of Jerusalem.

The mountain are all round about the vicinities.DSC02455.JPGDSC02456DSC02457.JPGDSC02458.JPGDSC02459.JPGDSC02468

The cattles on a thousand hills.




The Bedouin settlements




Rural settlements of the Bedoiun people in Israel.

The Bedouin are ethnic groups,a nomadic tribe travelling to grazing pastures while allowing other areas to naturally replenish. They live in the Negev,and are predominantly muslims.


Some photos for your viewing pleasure.

What’s your take?





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