Today’s Thoughts…Jehovah-Jireh

Jehovah Jireh- Our constant and consistent providence even when we fail to realize it, sometimes! Glorious Impact Spent most of the afternoon enjoying the writings of my blogging community. I so enjoy reminders of faith, hope and love. As well, the various tips and information that help and encourage along this spiritual and writing journey….

Parachutes Upon the Wind

Originally posted on The Daddy Blitz:
Vanessa struggled within her sheets, the comfort of which she had worshiped for years, but now tossed her about like a tiny vessel upon the hostile waters of the great deep. Every ripple in the silken pool jarred her eyes open to the blackness around her. Her mind raced…


Dulcie is another On-Air-Personality, I just met recently. This morning I was on her show on radio and we had a great time. Like I posted a few days ago on my “Celebrating Womanhood” Wednesday’s post. I am always excited about any platform that pays attention to the ‘WOMAN’ LetsGetReal with Dulcie O’Dwyer is a…