Dulcie is another On-Air-Personality, I just met recently. This morning I was on her show on radio and we had a great time.

Like I posted a few days ago on my “Celebrating Womanhood” Wednesday’s post. I am always excited about any platform that pays attention to the ‘WOMAN’

LetsGetReal with Dulcie O’Dwyer is a show that discusses topical issues affecting women in Nigeria. This rangesRape,Abuse,DomesticViolence,Relationships,Marriage,Health,Lifestyle,Women in prison,Inspiration,Challenges,Women Empowerment and much more.The show is gaining so much traction for discussing issues in a very realist and no holds barred manner.

The show ran for about one hour, and I was almost late to the radio station because of the usual lagos “unpredictable” traffic jam!

It was a Call in program and at some point in the interview session,I got some encouraging calls,most of them saying it was as if I was talking about them, as I shared my stories of triumphs and struggles as a woman,wife,mother juggling the home front with career, dealing with rejection,and managing relationship even among other women.

It so amazing to know that we all go through circumstances that are similar to others, but what’s profound is when you share about situations whether good or bad or in between, it helps others to open up,to share their own perspectives. Like the saying goes;

A problem shared is a problem solved.

There is power and great hope for others when you Share your story. That was the experience at #LetsGetReal with Dulcie.O.


Hello All, here’s  your girl; O to the B to the A  in da house 😉
That’s the O-A-P extraordinaire, Dulcie.O
That moment of bonding, even your hands gesture are the same!
When the discussion is getting real deep and your body language is obvious.


Me and My big #Smiles.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. You are looking good. Rock on girl.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Sis moi 😀


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