The Art of The Matter.. Embracing Music Artistry as Christian Artists.

Hi there everyone,on Monday, I write about my music journey as a musician ,the lessons,the trials , and the struggles and of course the triumphs of the journey. Today I am re-visiting one of my post from last year. I hope you it’s of benefit to you my dear friends,especially those like me #lifeofasingerminister.


With JohnChisum@Sonwritersmasterclass With John Chisum@SongwritersMasterclass

Learning they say is the key to growth and Insight. Everyday life presents us with opportunities to learn something. Man is constantly on a journey of Learning Unlearning and relearning.

The day one stops learning is the day one starts dying.I am constantly on the look out for such opportunities to learn and few weeks ago or thereabout I had the privilege of attending  a Songwriter’s Masterclass with one of the greatest mind in Christian Contemporary music field.

John is widely known for his songs recorded by artists such as Ron Kenoly,the Gaither band, Steve Green and many more.A long time music industry professional in music publishing,artist development,Songwriter and producer roles for over 200 projects.A popular clinician in the area of worship for many years,has appeared  in every major denominational church setting and non-denominational venues like Music California,Music Minnesota,The Gospel music associations  academy for christian music arts…

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