For the love of vision boards/books.

Last year, I made a vision book for myself,after having been inspired by my Coach,Lillian Adegbola one of the founding members of the John Maxwell Group here in Nigeria. We had one of those Mastermind Classes,and in the class, we were treating topics related to Vision and goal setting.

She encouraged us to make a vision board,but all I could do at that time was make a book, maybe I wasn’t too sure of the realness of creating a board, or I wasn’t ready for it at that time. So then I went and made a fanciful vision book wrapped in Ankara.I cut out a few pictures, paste them on different pages of the book, and wrote a few of my future projections and desires.

One of the few cuttings I did was cutting out a piece from a popular tabloid in Lagos called ThisDay magazine.

I removed the picture that was on it, and posted mine and wrote a few things. That was 2015, fast forward to 2016, and I was on that same tabloid twice in one month, April 2016.


The reality of 2015  ,Now.
My ankara-wrapped Vision book.
This was in 2015.


I had even forgotten about the vision book,until I kept having repeated impressions in my heart about, “write the vision and make it plain on the tablet”.  Suddenly I remembered  the collections in the vision book and my mind went to ThisDay newspaper!

The dream came to pass twice on the same tabloid within 2 weeks. Wow,what an awesome inspiring feeling that gave me. It was a reassurance feeling that you can actually have what you dream of.

Vision book reality! The first publication from ThisDayLive.

Earlier this year, I had a brunch date with one of my girlfriends, and she showed me her vision board,I told myself, I will get round it,but did not. Until yesterday,I woke up and that impression was there in my heart. It was like a conversation going on in my heart, to go past my vision book and actually do a collage of dreams, aspirations, and projections of what my ideal life would be like.

It felt like a risk of my heart, to dream beyond what my mind can comprehend. According to Becky Harmon, vision boards are one of the most biblical things to do to clarify your vision,steward your talents and grow into a greater will of God for your life.

I got down to making a vision board yesterday, and wow, I got this exciting feeling as I cutting out pictures, words, that speaks of my Ideal tomorrow. In as much as I understand  biblically that success is not measured by the abundance of things, one may possess but in contentment, I also understand God’s desire for us is to prosper and be in health even as our soul prosper.

In other words, God wants us to prosper Spirit,soul,and body.

As I was putting those collages together I learnt the following lessons.

*Don’t  sabotage yourself by coveting

Everyone has gifts and talents,and God expects us to build residual incomes from those gifts and talents so that we can take care of ourselves and more importantly give back to others.

*Your visions should not be about yourself, or your immediate family but you must be generous towards others. What do you give back to your community?

*Risk your heart , Dream big. Take bold steps to write down big dreams that ignite your faith.


My first attempt!
My Vision Board.


Lastly, having a vision board seems child-like,but that’s the attitude of the kind of faith God requires from us, to trust him unreservedly,slowly but surely we see the realization of our dreams and desires.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

I was encouraged to make the vision board because of the reality of the result above, I have to confess that I was making it, there were some air of doubts,because it was I pushing myself out of limit, that seem impossible but I wait patiently for the unfolding….line upon line, precept upon precept.

Do you have a vision board /book?

How did you feel when you saw those desires becoming reality? Let’s share thoughts :).



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  1. This is so absolutely inspiring Oba. Wow! I am totally impressed. God is definitely not a liar. May our visions keep coming to pass. Way to go girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks much ❤


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