Getting Rid Of That Ugly Feeling.

Once in a while, I wake up feeling grumpy and ugly ,all I want to do is just lay back in bed and let the day go by. That does not happen.How do you just lay there when you know there are bills to pay,commitment to keep and so much more?

I know sometimes you find yourself in this kind of scenario,so how do you get over the grumpy feeling, to move ahead in your day to day activities?


grumpy Allie 😦


Here are some helpful tips that I have found handy.

Once you find yourself in that state of mind, playing an uplifting cd that you know will bounce back your spirit.

Music will help you dissolve your perplexities and purify your character and sensibilities, In time of care and sorrow,it will keep a fountain of joy alive in you.-Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I have been able to come out of such rut just playing great music, some of them kind of them sometimes, bring tears to my eyes because of the beautiful emotion they stir after much listening.

Also,I found it difficult to utter. any word of prayer in that moment of  grumpiness ,being thankful for little things ,actually catapult you out, as you express your thankfulness.  The fact that you are alive to be grumpy is worthy of gratitude! Those who are 6ft underground cannot fill any grumpiness or experience mood swings.

When you realise you have an advantage in certain areas of life, gives you new perspectives on things generally.

How about treating yourself  to a manicure or pedicure, You’ll definitely be loving yourself afterwards, I don’t do manicure / pedicure all the time. But the once in a while experience just gives me this warm feeling of “feeling cool with me”. Go shopping buy yourself something  you’ve always wanted without thinking about the cost.  Just pamper yourself!

Celebrate yourself, because you are wonderfully and fearfully made. No matter how grumpy you may feel, God is always there for you.

Finally spend time with loved ones,at the end of the day family is everything!


Have a beautiful weekend ahead!



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