On Women- Make Way, Make Space#1.

celebrating womanhood

How can I organize my life so I have time,money and energy to focus on whats’s important?

Have ever had one of those days when you were 15 minutes late for an important appointment because you were behind schedule in picking the children from school,and we got you all beat up because you could not imagine how you could have been late in the first instance.

Have you ever finished the day with no energy ,yet it seems you still have a truck -load of work to do. Or do you sometimes pretend you don’t hear the bickering of your children just because you need time for yourself?

Today on Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday,we will be focusing on how we can make way and make space for ourselves as women to become much more effective in our various circle of Influence.

I often find myself in these kinds of situation. Whether we are talking about time concerns,money management,crowded emotions or energy, what we are really dealing with as women is the issue of space.

This space in interior design,is called ‘Negative space’. Negative space is very important because it contributes to the beauty of an object by creating a sense of order and restfulness. allowing the eyes “a place to rest'” by increasing the appeal of the object through subbtle means.

In  today’s world of chaos, speed,clutter,and all what, you will agree with me that employing “negative space in our lives  can create order and peace. As women in today’s world we can not overemphasis  the need for this type of space in our day -to-day activities, whether as single ,married, mothers, sisters,friends etc.

How do we employ the idea of “negative space” into our lifestyle as  women?

TIME MANAGEMENT: Many times we find ourselves,running and hustling through life to meet deadlines, keep appointments, we are constantly in a rush to drop the kids in school,run errands, take care of our ourselves at the end of the day we end up being stressed out. But we can actually bring sanity to everyday life by simply making space in the way we plan our day.

Do you know that God had already mapped out a plan for us that allow neagtive spaces in our lives. it is called the sabbath! that is mostly practiced on Sunday. In otherwords God also want us to have ample time for ourselves when we just take the “chill pill”. But if we don’t know how to measure our time gauge, we may never experience bliss in chilling.

As a woman,wife,mother I am often overwhelmed by the  workload that confronts me,and sometimes I just become so emotional and just begin to get edgy around the house,and with the nature of my work as a singer/minister sometimes that also take it toll on me. In order to remain sane and keep myself from being a nervous wreck as a result of work over-load, Here are some tips that have helped and still does help me.

  1. I spend less time with the TV now. I must confess that it’s not always easy to turn it off completely but then again with discipline it is doable. Statistic shows that an average person spends 20-30 hours per week watching TV.
  2.  There are some things we must learn to say No to, certain unimportant that tries to creep into our agenda for the day. Learn to say no to things that are not of optimum priority.
  3. In this day and age , the social media is gradually becoming a social cum emotional menace. You must know how to stay away from your phones,gadgets, and the internet,when you are not using them as tools to enhance your life. These gadgets are to used as tools not entertainment, because that’s when they eat into our time and schedules.
  4. We love to shop and go to the mall. Stay away from the mall, do it only when necessary. One of the strategics I am using is to shop b,i-monthly. That way I don’t have to keep going over and over again. It steals quality time .

Monitoring our time management with the above tips and more, will  help us to deliberately create ‘nagative space in our schedules, and thus affording us time to nurture ourselves and our relationships. Improving life for us and everyone around us.

time mag

Now, that’s one of the virtues that makes us women to be celebrated at all times in every way. Don’t you agree with me. 😀

I will share about the emotional,financial aspect of the negative space in the next edition of  CELEBRATING WOMANHOOD.


Managing your time without getting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target- Peter Turla.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    You make some really good points in your piece. Particularly Sunday as a Day of rest, I think often that goes by the wayside for many families. Your title and piece also made me think of Virgina Woolfs famous work “A Room of Her Own.” You were talking about having this negative space and it makes me think, wherever you dwell perhaps, you can carve out a small space in your house where you can be left alone, where you go when you need even w moment or two to write or just relax. Is that possible as a busy Mother?


    1. kingsoracle says:

      You are absolutely on point, about carving out a small space,for me that space is my bedroom,and I have been able to device a system such that on days when I am not too busy . I Spend at least 2-3hrs after dinner to be be myself, meditate,read and also do some writing. As a mother, I don’t exclusivity because it is at that moment the children are coming to ask for this or that ,just so they can get my attention. When I don’t give in to their tantrums they know immediately that Momma need time -out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mandibelle16 says:

        Lol. That’s good you have a line they can’t cross lol. Happy you have your space 🙂


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