Random Musing #27.

Lately, there has been so much sad news over the air waves. News of domestic violence within the confines of marriage. As I ponder of  Love ,life and marital bliss. I concluded in my heart, we were never promised a smooth love /marital sail.But we have been given the capacities to manage situation and proffer solutions that will be beneficial to all and sundry,so that there will no loss of any kind.

There will be torrential storms,ups and downs. What will keep us, In my own opinion is the Love and mutual respect we have for each other. Sometimes we say love is never enough! But the truth is  Love is all we need. For perfect love cast out fear. The fear that is born out of insecurity and lack of trust that turns once-upon -a-time lovebirds to worst enemies.

No two  marriages  are the same, But love is same even with different languages.

no one



the power of love


Pause and Think

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  1. debby000 says:

    I need to open up myself to love as much as the next man. There is always room for more.

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