Random Musing #30.

05-23-2016 19-31-21

Earlier today, I saw something so inspiring on a friend’s Facebook wall, I thought it was really timely for me.  Talking about enjoying the meantime of out lives before getting to Event time.

Until I get to my “prime time” I am stuck in the mean time. As a result of my perception of my mean time ,I miss out on the valuable lessons that must be learnt in transit. The transiting time or the in between time is much more than the event time,and what that say to me is this: The quality of our lives is not validated by the highlight reels or the event time, but is the validated by the accumulations learnt in the mean time.

Have you ever considered this? Maybe the preparation stage is much more important than the performance stage(Now I am speaking as a musician :D).If I miss out on this, then I would have forfeited the performance, because I won’t be able to perform because I was never fully prepared.

The mean time, preparation time or down time is often extended because we are yet to grasp the extent and significance of the lessons.

Are you still waiting for life to turn on? what if it’s on right now? but you are too blinded by the comparison of your horizon with others. what if what you are calling your dark moments is actually you being in the spotlight? How would you know? How would I know when I am busy trying to measure myself ith another man’s measure stick?

Not that we dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those who are commending themselves,but when they measure themselves  by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.



Pause and think

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