3 Questions To Consider in Finding Purpose

When we live a life that ‘s rich in purpose. Every action feels right, every intention feels true. Every time we love what we do and do what we love, its leaves with such feeling that is as deep as the oceans.

But how we get there?


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Purpose is a three-dimensional phenomenon which embraces the following:

Who you are?

What is needed in your world?

What moves you?- which is often called Passion?

A purpose is the cultivation of our natural faculties to their highest degree. Having said that, then what we need to consider in the pursuit of purpose  is

Can you be (among) the best at what you do? Being the best at what you do is not equivalent to making money. In other words, it is not about ,I can be the best at something so that I can make lots of money. Money is a nice side effect of purpose, but it is not the cause of Purpose.

To be the best at something means we have fully mastered  a discipline, an art or science especially one that we are naturally disposed to. That gives a sense of mastery!

Which of your “bests” benefits others? we all might have more than one talent or abilities. The specifics don’t really matter. We all agree that no all of these talents will benefit others. The second greatest question of purpose  now is which ones are going to be of great benefit to people.

It is not about the greatest good for the greatest number. The purpose is not about crowd pleasing. Purpose is not what pleases people , but it about what challenges, or provokes or propel or even defies others and that’s how they benefit from it-Purpose

I mean no one find a purpose by making crowd-pleasing stuff, do they? Let’s ask the Steve Jobs ,they were not on purpose to please the world-Their mission was to change the world in the best way they possibly can.

It is isn’t about being all things to all men because that right there is a purpose -killer. So ‘does it really benefit people” is not about placating or satisfying them, but it about expanding the people to the very highest degree- Even if it a few people,such that they feel much more alive as a result of what we do.

The third question to consider with respect to finding our purpose is Does it move you? It’s rather unfortunate to find many of doing things, working jobs that don’t move us in the slightest bit! In answering this question we have to be ruthless and honest with ourselves. Forgetting what parents, friends, spouse thinks  you should be doing.

It is about looking for themes and pointers of life, and that is an individual thing. What moves is not a question of fads and trends,because the truth of the matter is that trends and fads come and go. what moves you shouldn’t be a fling but something that lasts a lifetime.

What really moves me? when we ask this question we ate ready to go deeper into ourselves, searching for depth, looking for themes and point of life,not style and expressions of the moment.

Be honest with yourself, maybe you come from a line of Doctors or Engineers,but when you come across cutting edge designs or art, or you hear a music, there is a gush of electric that runs through your veins, your heart palpitates,your eyes go wide,you are like, ‘now that’s what I’m talking about”. That’s the sense you’re looking for,and we all feel it over and over in our lifetime. It is finding the courage to hold on to it that is needed now.

The truth is when we are honest in answering these questions or the other variants, Purpose finds us! The purpose will find you when you know who you are, what the world around you need,and what moves you.

When that happens,the seed is already  sowed, what is needed is watering the soil on a constant basis for the Purpose to manifest!



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sayanti aka Shine says:

    Yes, Trying to find the answers of these 3 questions can bring a huge change of one’s life. It’s true that these are the ultimate Qs of finding purpose in life. Great Post and hats off to your insight.


  2. Good topic and has got me thinking. In my view it is not bad to have a selfish purpose. But as you rightly said having a selfless purpose, the one for greater good will ultimately bring us happiness and will be more fulfilling.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks for your input. 😀


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