Anything’s possible-It has a price tag!

Every achievement and accomplishment in life have a price tag.

Anything’s possible,it comes with a price.

You can learn, have and be anything want,if and when you are willing to make the sacrifice.

You can be a millionaire

Be an expert in a chosen field

Have deep spiritual understanding

Be more loving, empathic,and caring.

You can live the dreams deep within your heart

There is a price to it all

You have to choose what you want to do, who you want to be, where you want to be and how you want it all to be.

Letting go of the trivials of life for the real deal, the “essentials”

Managing your time, and your mind

Feeding your spirit with the right nutrients for growth,such that your outward is trying to catch up with the real you -Inside.

All of these comes with a price-tag attached  to it finished product!

Learning to rearrange your priorities

Letting go of habits that belittle you

Learning to say “No” more often

.If you are willing to pay the price,then you can have absolutely anything.

You have to be uncomfortable with your present state to apprehend the next level

Focus on learning than being distracted by sheer entertainment

Drop unproductive activities-Channel your energy on the goal ahead

Life’s purpose is worth living to the fullest when you spend time on things with value.

You can continue to progress even after your records of successes and fulfillments.

Anything’s possible

But you must pay the price

You can’t wish it

You can’t fake it

You can only pay the price for your possibilities.


endless possiblities




OBA2016@Thekingsoracle.All rights reserved.

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  1. kdeenwildman says:

    So true. Just a few weeks ago I was really wondering what it meant to ‘count the cost’. You have explained it so well with this piece. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.


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