#Forgeahead…Celebrating Womanhood.

How time flies! We are already half way through the year 2016.  As we stepped into the month of June, for the very first few days , I was reviewing and revisiting my goals and plans for the year. To be honest, I am grateful for the milestones recorded in the pastmonths and other achievements, but on the other hand I was beating myself up for some other things that I should have been able to do, if not for  excuses!

One of the areas I was lagging behind was in the area of reading more books and attending seminars, programmes etc to enhance my personal growth and development. Despite the fact that I had bought more books in recent times, I have not been able to bring myself to spending the time to read and study them like I should.

What about attending seminars,conferences? Nada!, The excuse has been not having the time, or something else clashing with the dates  and on and on with the excuses. 

So I decided that if I want to make significant impact with myself in the second half of the year ,here is my second chance to come higher and stop making excuses, and review the goals , maybe there are some unrealistic goals I need to revisit and trim here and there so that I can get qualitative results at the end of the day.

In the quest for reviews and revisits of goals and dream, I began to notice a certain advert online and on a few of my friends post, at a point it was as if  anywhere I turn I would see something about it, Then I knew I had to enquire about the conference.

business simmit

Though I have been hearing about Thriving Business Women Fellowship for a long while, I have not had the opportunity to attend any of their programs. The opportunity presented itself again this time and I wasn’t going to miss it.

The theme for this year’s business summit is Forge Ahead, and many speakers who are a force to reckon with, in their respective field of influence have been scheduled to speak at different tiimes in the various locations nationwide. I really would not want to miss this, I said to myself because this time I didnt want to exercise any excuse.

They’ve had sessions in Abuja and Ibadan, and the Lagos sessions kicked off yesterday 7th june and will run all through the tuesdays in the month of  June.

I woke up early got the boys ready for school and even dropped then in school,came back to the house to pick one or two things and left for the venue somewhere in Lagos. I missed my way somehow. You think you know your way around town when you are not the one on the wheels, I thought I knew the area well, alas I didn’t know how to navigate because it was my first time driving to that area.

I would have turned back and head back home but I was determined to forge ahead , so with help from people I got it, and then I had to go and park mile ahead ,and walk down to the hall. Phew! with this high-heel on. (wahala goes to town). My feet were already killing me half way through walking-Another excuse to say, I’m going back home.

Thank goodness ,I didn’t  as I got to the entrance of the venue of the conference  I was welcomed by a long line of beautiful women dressed in mint green well-talored shirts with black skirts/trousers clapping their hands in successions and cheering welcome! welcome! with lovely smiles on the faces, I knew I was in for an awesome time, as I stepped into the hall ,the sound of the choir got me, I looked and saw a familiar face leading the worship session with vibrancy.

After, the session was over the convener stepped on the podium and gave the opening charge, by just her few words I knew i was already loving this graceful woman, vivacious and so deep. Pastor Olumayokun Oreofe gave the opening remarks introduced the speakers one after the other, and then the speaker for the day came up.


the convener
The Chief Servant of TBWF and convener of Business Summit 2016- Pastor Mayokun Oreofe.


The next hour or thereabout turned out to be a journey of bible exposition to real business as an entrepreneur , as the Apostle in the market place- Ikeolu Biobaku-( MD/CRO Mix ‘N’ Bake confessionaries and schools) shared her journey in the cake and confectionary world summed up in four words “God is putting me together” using Heb 13:20-21.


The Speaker-Ikeolu Biobaku speaking with so much passion yesterday at the summit.


It was indeed an expository time , thank God I was there against all odds, The speaker shared her 3 laws of forging ahead.

Law of differention- In order to forge ahead in life, in business, ministry or whatsoever, you must be distinctly unique, you can’t be like everyone else and hope to forge ahead or attain anything meaningful with your life.

Get differentiated by knowledge.

With the knowledge of your Creator, with the knowledge of your specific assignment on the side of eternity present, stand out !

Who is behind the scenes of your life?

Who is aiding your attempt?

Who  do you rely on? You must be able to answer the questions sincerely.

You must also have a knowledge of your sphere of Influence.


Law of selflessness- selflessness is when you care enough for others to take risks on your own gain. selflessness means to do and to be kind without expecting anything back.

In order to  make impact and forge ahead and blaze trails you must make ‘service and ‘giving’ a part of your culture. she shared  something profound that all of us cannot be initiators of ideas, or pioneers but we can be a part of initiators initives and we can help pioneers thrive by contributing our own quota in the best way possible.

Look for something to do

Get involved with other people’s impact


Law of strategic thinking and  action. Gain supernatural revelations and ideas for your life ,business, career by plugging to God always

God  strategy is superior to any man’s strategy !

Forging ahead is an accumulation of God putting you together, equipping you with everything good to do His will. It takes times

You can’t produce a baby in one month,by getting nine women pregnant at once.

Get exposure.  attend seminars, conferences ,one of the things I am trying to do now is to listen to Tedtalks.com for exposure as a speaker, apart from reading books.

Your confession matters in the journey of forging ahead. Speak right, Speak life!

Engage people who are smarter than you. Get mentors, hire a coach. Buy in on Other People’s Time.

Think Generational.

Fear being in the same place tomorrow as you are today.

#forgeahead #celebratingwomanhood

To your forging ahead!


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

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  1. bisimodupe1975 says:

    Awesome…i am inspired! Thanks for sharing.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks for stopping by as well ❤


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