Grateful for kindness.

I am particularly grateful  for how this week began on Sunday I was at a friend’s birthday party. My team and I were on ground to spice up the event on request and we did have a blast. Because  at the end of the day, the celebrant was overwhelmed by the show of love and appreciation from friends and family.

I was one of the 50-60 of her friends who participated in her “I’m possible” documentary, it was such a great feeling watching and reading the possibilities of these wonderful women.

Last week, One of my life coaches/mentors called me, prior to that phone call she had sent me a text to express her gratitude,for  something I did, that I should have billed her for :D. which I didn’t . So when she called , she just started praying for me over the phone(She is a woman with great depth of spiritual insight and passion for God). She was praying and speaking over my life for over 30mins on the phone. At the end of that session on the phone I was perplexed,and I began to ponder. … all these outpourings for just doing my thing.

My heart was filled  with gratitude to God,for helping to do the task that prompted all the outpouring from this amazing coach, I tell you money cannot buy all that she came out from her while she was praying for me.  It was just my little show of kindness, and to think that I almost missed that opportunity to do my own part.

Yesterday, I went for a women’s conference-It was a business/prayer conference for Entrepreneurs and start-ups . I have been hearing about the Women’s ministry for a while and all through last week ,I was just seeing the advert all in my face. So I took the bold step and drove myself to the venue of the business summit. It was the first time I would drive all by myself  to attend a conference , I  always been  chauffeured  at other times. Though I missed my way, it was another opportunity to know another side of Lagos on my own- I am grateful for that yet again.

The experience from the entrance to the hall of the event and the warm reception by the organisers was a blissful one. I was grateful that I went for the programme. As I  was driving back home, I just had to show my gratitude to my husband, so I packed just a few blocks away from the house and sent him a beautiful text.

What prompted the text? I wouldn’t have been able to drive if he had not thought it to himself to get me a car, to move me around and do some of my stuff without having to wait for him to drive to places,which most of the time he can’t because of his schedules.

I just thought that I would have missed the new opportunities and possibilities that the conference presented to me by just going yesterday and driving down all by myself. BTW, it was the second car he bought for me in less than eight months, I couldn’t maximise the first one because it was a manual drive, I had issues with my legs and changing gears etc.

Showing gratitude and expressing gratitude is part of my daily routine, but sometimes I tend to forget,I make a conscious effort to always say it and show it somehow.

I came up with my own kindness mantra here:

06-08-2016 11-03-27


In response to Niki’s Revofkindness challenge.

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  1. It is very important that we show gratitude. When we are obedient, the blessings overflow. So glad you shared this post. It is a timely reminder that giving is huge because we never fully know the extent to which God is working not only in someone else’s life but ours as well. Their gratitude for us doing our part, as God deems necessary, is truly the richest part of the blessing. Thanks again for sharing.

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    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thank you Sis, for stopping by and for taking time to read through. I appreciate your gesture.

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      1. Always. Even though I can’t read everything, I am here and will be. I always enjoy your posts.

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  2. Niki says:

    What a beautiful post!!! Oh my gosh I love it! The gratitude is just overflowing! What great things to highlight. I love your mantra! This has been one of my favorite weeks so far and I’ve really enjoyed the previous 4 but this one feels very special to me and reading this just makes it even more so! Thank you for sharing this ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Excellent mantra. ❤ ❤ ❤


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