Gratitude Thursday on Friday.

The exercise from Revofkindness this week was centred on gratitude . I wrote a  post on it, you can read it Here. I am someone who likes to thank you to almost everybody for almost anything. I got more and more serious with intentional gratitude when I started keeping a gratitude journal.

I learnt how to be grateful  for all situations, especially unpleasant ones,as I took my gratitude exercise further by meditating on the book of Psalms daily- It’s like a daily dose of thankfulness and gratitude .I take 5 doses daily.

Sometimes, last week I got from someone who had seen me performed somewhere many years back,She heard my songs and saw my book and wanted us to hook up, we tried scheduling a meet to no avail until she called again and ask if I was available and I said yes.

We arrange to meet, and I was supposed to go pick her up from her place to go to the Radio station where she co-anchor a program with her friend. I drove to her place one hour earlier than scheduled time. Because I have a mantra for punctuality, especially when I am not familiar with the route for my appointment. In this case, I didn’t know the route to her house and since I was driving myself I left home early.

She was surprise to see me, an hour before, so I explained to her and all that. I also met her friend and we got talking about my music and how long I have been in the game,all this was happening while my host was getting herself ready so we can head down to the radio station.

As we drove down , we got talking the more,and I knew I will be spending some quality time with this lady, because we just flowed seamlessly in conversation,and I could tell we have quite a few things in common. As we got to the radio station I remembered that I have been to that station once several years back .The memories came flashing fresh once again. We got up to the studio and as we were climbing the stairs I here one of my songs coming out from the airwaves- My friend said to me,’OBA, isn’t that one of your songs playing? I said yes!

Then she asked again,’how do you feel when you hear your songs been played on air? and I said I am always gratefl!

We got into the studio,and she introduced me to the anchor of the program, who was already position behind the machines. Guess what the program is called? Gratitude Thursday with Funmi& Didi.  I mean like seriously! Gratitude again!!

It’s a phone -in program where people call in, to talk about what they are grateful for,and make request or talk to guests on the show. For the next hour, It was really a fabulous time as people called in, to share their gratitude stories. One of the stories got my attention, One young lady called to say that she was grateful for the rain that fell, because she had tried all morning to buy water to fill the tank at home,but somehow the person that sells wasn’t around, and they did have water at home.

The rain fell heavily yesterday and because of that she was able to fill the tank and other buckets,she was excited about it, because that rain was an answer to the water problem she had at home.God works wonders even when it looked mundane or insignificant! some might think what’s the big deal with the rain, but to that lady that called in, it was help at the nick of time. Something to be grateful for.

Other people called in, to express gratitude for families, loved ones, for life and also commented on my music -I am for ever grateful that my skill and talent is making a huge impact and touching lives out there!

I am grateful that I made new friends yesterday,and made the whole crew of TopRadio90.9FM laugh themselves out with the comic side of me, we are laughed and laughed it was such a wonderful time. Because I was reminded again and again, I have every reason to be grateful.

I am grateful that I met amazing ladies touching lives and making impact within their sphere of influence- Yetunde Durand and Funmi Longe the hosts of ‘GratitudeThursday’.


Yetunde and I .
A selfie and 3 pout 😀
Making a divine statement with an African signature.



@The studio TopRadio 90.9
I speak becaause I believe..
The Duo- Funmi& Didi on Gratitude Thursday. So you think you can hide Didi?



With Funmi after the program



Passionately speaking.



That’s how I roll with my  new buddies.  #Gracias
We make others smile.. so we got the smiles too ;D


I am grateful for the new possibilities, as each day unfolds

I am grateful for Life,Love,and so much more.

I am grateful for my amazing audience here 😀 😀



OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




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  1. Beautiful. You too dey enjoy sef 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      :D. Thanks dear Sista moi. How for do nau?

      Liked by 1 person

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