Mr Follow-Follow.(Understanding the dynamics of Mentoring)

If you don’t follow, you won’t be followed.



Mr follow follow
Fela’s design for album .Mr follow follow.


I guess if you are following or you are been followed , we can safely call you Mr or Mrs. Follow-follow.

Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there.

So where are you going?

Also bear in mind that what you are trying to do, or better still where you are trying to get to. Has someone already been there? Of course Yes, someone has already achieved what you are aiming at.

Two weeks ago, I taught at the weekly service of my local assembly, and I shared a few insight on Mentoring. I had written a post about mentoring in the early days of blogging. Now I am revisiting the subject with the aim of deeper and better understanding.

In my homeland, we have this cliche’Mr. Follow-follow’ made popular by the legendary musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.Here are the song and its meaning.

Some dey follow follow dem close dem eye/ some people follow others without been observant or vigilant.

Some dey follow follow dem close dem mouth/ some  people follow without communication

Some dey follow follow dem close dem sense/ some follow others without  mental intelligence

If you dey follow follow /If you are following someone

Make you open eye,open ear, open mouth, open sense./communicate, ask, questions observe your environment

Na dat time you no go fall. /  So that you don’t end up falling.


I am using this cliche, to explain more on the topic -Mentoring.

Growth is an integral part of life, and every one of us must endeavour to make room for growth Because it is man’s responsibility to grow in every area of his life. One of the upshoot of growth, however, is Mentoring. #followfollow.

Either you are following someone, gleaning from others or others are gleaning and following you.

Mentoring is a mutual relationship with an intentional agenda design to convey a specific body of knowledge and or expertise along with life’s wisdom from one individual to another.

Mentoring cannot succeed without the relationship. In other words, the foundation for any form of mentoring is a relationship.

When you understand that you are not the only one available, you will pass on what you know. It is possible to have a bridge between one generation to another and that bridge is mentoring. A linkage that transforms lives, and preserves legacies, principles, and ethics of Men and women who have gone ahead and those who are still present.

The 3-D format of Mentoring.

art of mentoring

For any kind of mentoring relationship, one more establish the purpose and Intent. Intentionality is the first-dimensional approach to mentor or to be mentored, once the intentions are clearly understood by both parties then it provides a smooth ground for taking off.

Formal Mentoring-This is often developed in response to a specific organisational or developmental need for retention strategy, or for performance development framework- in these cases, there is a selection and matching of mentors with mentees to get the desired result.

Informal Mentoring- This is very common because it has a less structured approach, the mentoring relationship is somewhat spontaneous and it is generally initiated by the mentees who they admire and believe could assist them in the development of their life goals- Career and otherwise.

This type of mentoring could be one-on-one or consist of a group mentoring approach through information forums like seminars, workshops and some others. Often the informal one on one mentoring does not involve developing specific goals, development plans, it is often based on the mentee asking for guidance and advice as issues arise.

Another angle to informal mentoring is the mentoring through books, and other materials made available by the people we desire to learn from who are no within our reach either by proxy. Though you can see them one-on-one, the materials are there, whereby you can learn from their many years of learning and accumulations of wisdom by laying hold of the books, audio-visuals etcetera.

I have mentors who I have the opportunity of meeting with quarterly and for a maximum of 2-3 hours, there is an exchange of depths of insights and wisdom to keep me afloat.

It is very dangerous to live a mentorless life.

Moses had a mentor in his father-in-law Jethro.

Joshua  had Moses has his mentor

Naomi was  Mentor to Ruth

Elijah was a mentor to Elisha

Mordecai mentored Hadassah or Esther, The list goes on and on.

I am unapologetic Christlover, and can say that Jesus Christ is my no-1 mentor, though I am really trying hard to be selfless like him  😀 ( Though it not by hard work, the work of grace which he had already perfected on the cross).

I have other mentors who are not believers but whose lifestyle and work have influenced me one way or another, especially in the creative arts.


Mentors point for you potholes and pitfalls of life.

Mentors help you access certain doors effortlessly, especially when they can attest to your character.

Mentors help reduce frustrations by helping you identify brick walls and setbacks


Laws of mentoring.

This is where I am going to make reference to Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s ‘Mr follow -follow.

The summary of the above lyrics is summed up in the following:

Positive Environment- Where the potentials of the mentees can be fully realised, as the mentor also desires to show true leadership and not slavery of any kind.

Positive Character-Both parties must have a sound character so that it is not the case of the blind leading the blind

Mutual protection-Looking out for the best interest of both sides of the relationship.


Focus on the objectives of the relationship without distractions, sometimes most mentees see some weaknesses of their mentors in the course of mentoring and they get discouraged or distracted forgetting that we are all ‘Human being ‘not ‘Human been”. 

The same also goes for the mentor who sees certain character flaws and decides in the mentee and stops mentoring. The Goal of the mentoring exercise is to become a better version of the mentee at the end of the day.

Transition- Know when to move on either as a mentor or as the mentee.

Observation- Pay attention to details no matter how insignificant, little things add up at the end of the day

Communication- Listen More, Talk less, ask questions.

If you are mentoring someone or you are been mentored one, take note of all the laws and more, by doing so you will not fall, and even if you fall it will not be fatal!



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  1. Laura says:

    Wow! This is a great piece of writing. I, too, have many mentors. I am following and being followed. But Jesus is my greatest mentor of all. If you and I never have anything in common, I’m thankful this may be the one thing we do. Thank you for such an encouraging post, my dear mentor!😃


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Aww! coming from you Laura, I am enthralled and humbled…calling me your mentor ! That’s a tall one. So glad to know that You got Jesus too. What a joy to have that in common. Thanks for you kind comment. so sweet of you to stop by. 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OBA says:

    Reblogged this on A Thousand Shades of Awesomeness and commented:

    Revisiting this topic of mentoring, I wrote this about two years ago. It is still very apt today. Do have a good read. Thanks


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