What I learnt from Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa.

Celebrating Womanhood Series-Special Focus On Thriving Business Women Fellowship. Business Summit #forgeahead2016.

Last week Wednesday  on celebrating womanhood, I shared extensively about my experience at a business summit,Click here. The summit is still ongoing until the end of June. Yesterday was another powerful session, much more than the first week. It’s getting better as the week unfolds. 🙂

As my practice, I left home early because I wanted to secure a good parking space this time around. And graciously for me, I did find a good space,so I didn’t have to walk a long distance like I did last week. :D. The  reception, as usual, was awesome,and the worship session #powerful.

This week’s Speaker Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa is the MD/CEO, Thots N Works,an organisation that works with Small and Medium Enterprises into transforming their business into a strong and visible brand. She is brand Expert,Author,Coach, Seasoned facilitator and professional speaker. Her life mission and purpose is Inspiring others to succeed.


Ms. Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa speaking with such passion and intensity at the week two of TBWF Business Summit 2016.


Inspiring others to succeed was what she did, at yesterday’s summit. She spoke with such contagious passion as she shared her life’s journey with the multitude of women and men at the summit yesterday. I must confess that she messed me up with her story, I couldn’t help the tears on my face as I listened to her, at different junctions during her session, some words hit below the belt!

Ms. Seun’s story is the typical story of the stone which the builder reject which has become the chief cornerstone,( Recall the Nehemiah story). A fortified and formidable woman blazing trails,as a result of her ugly unpleasant past, she opened up about her life and marriage and how God used her pains to power her purpose.

Ms. Ayanfeoluwa began to walk in the consciousness of her divine mandate as a result of the many struggles she faced, battling with so much depression to the point of suicide attempts,But God had a greater plan for her life. Today she is an Entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, walking in the fullness of her mission and purpose and  she still forging ahead against all odds.Pressing on for the mark of the high calling, I salute her doggedness and resilience. Her trials and troubles are unfolding into testimonies and triumphs on all sides.

Some the lessons she taught during her sessions.

God uses the battles of our lives to bring out the glories of our life-The very issue or situation causing you pain is the instrument that will be used to catapult you to your God ordained destiny If you will only focus on God.

When it seems as if life is dealing with you from every angle, know that it is because you are on an assignment that far outweighs you.

God has deposited deep wells of eternal treasures in you,that the world is waiting for. If you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, God will allow the elements animate or inanimate, to make you uncomfortable. So that you do not short change your destiny.

She further emphasized the value of friendship- True friendship is very important in Forging ahead as a woman. In making friends you should be careful the kind of people you open yourself up to. In her struggles with handling emotional turmoils and depression she mentioned her friends who stood by her relentlessly, they never gave up on her because they knew she was and still is an embodiment of greatness.

Her friends stood with her encouraging her when she was on the verge of losing it all. They never gave up on her. Today they are still with her,celebrating her triumphs

Friends pick us up, when we fall down and if they can’t pick us, They lie down and listen for a while,in lying down,they help us get back up.


Woman to Woman,

A glorious treasure,sharing things alike,no facade,no secrets. Closer than close ,tighter than tight, a bond thicker than blood- The essence of friendship and sisterhood.

In finding true friendship you will experience the bad ones,but it is not a function of what people do to you, it is a function of what God will do with you with those bitter experiences. This reminds me of Travis Greene’s Intentional:

All things are working for my good

Because He’s intentional

God is intentional about every detail of your lives, the good, the bad and the in between. He is using all of the experiences to build a strong,dynamic,world changer. You are the one He’s building. Don’t despair in the face of the adversary. Don’t give up in adversity. God is in control.

Adversity is meant to strengthen you!

Remember always,

Where purpose is concerned,your comfort is not a priority to God-‘Seun Ayanfeoluwa.

Check out madame Ruth,everything that looked like ‘comfort’ was removed so that she could be positioned for a transgenerational relevance. who would have thought that a simple Moabitess would be in the lineage of our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Dear Woman,The things you are going through right now,no matter how tough they may be,They are just your launching pad to ‘Greatness’. Face your fear!

See the challenges as your tools to #forgeahead #advanceintoglobalstatus #taketerritories. Because God has a plan for your life and your life is just beginning!

On this week post, I celebrate and salute the courage and tenacity of a phenomenal woman, Oluwaseun Ayanfeoluwa, who is at the cutting edge of her purpose and mandate on this side of eternity present and who is forging ahead against all odds.

I also celebrate all the Thriving Women in #TBWF, and all my sisters and friends here and all over. In the words of that popular song, I say

Ain’t no stopping us now, we are on the move 😀

#Forgeahead #makeimpact#strategicprogression #celebratingwomanhood.


Your sister/friend

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




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