Feelings Depend on Sight

Our spiritual eyes must dominate our physical eyes. Everything that takes place in the physical takes its root from the spiritual…..

Reuben Egolf

Sometimes life feels hopeless, hard, painful, or even impossible. Our minds can become overwhelmed by the surrounding of adverse circumstances. Life to some can be an unforgiving experience. However, much of what we “feel” is produced by the focus of our attention.

What I look at has the power to generate feelings. A person can initially have no feelings concerning something, but if they look at it long enough they will begin to have feelings about, or for it. For example, have you been going through the day and not hungry or even thinking of food, and you happen to look up and see an advertisement with a beautifully arranged meal? As you stare at it, feelings of hunger begin to erupt and you go and satisfy the craving.

What we look at determines how and what we feel as well as our desires.

Luke 9:16 Then he…

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