Good Good Father.

Happy Father’s day to all Fathers, and fathers in the making. Fathers are great treasures.

It such a great blessing to have Fathers  around us. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father.

He’s always there, even when the earthly fathers are nowhere.

Thank you my heavenly Father.

My God , My father

He has engraven me in the palms of his hands

I am more precious to him

Than the flowers of the garden

Good good father

He knows my name

He knows every strand of hair

On my head

He who colors the lilies in the field

Colour me beautifully

He is a good good father

He calls me his own

Why should I worry

Why should I fret

He knows all my needs

He supplies per time

My Good Good Father

He cares

He knows about my struggles

He sees each tears falling down

He’s aware of the trivials that gives me

sleepless nights

Always whispering ‘calm down’

I got this

I got you

He is a good good father.

Even when I turn my back

rebel and disobey him

He’s my Good good father

Loving me beyond my faults

My Good good father

He knows all things

He sees all things

He is perfect in all his ways

A good good father

It’s who you are God

You love me forever

It’s who I am.

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle.All rights reserved.

My coolest boo- Happy Father’s day darling Moi!



This thoughts was Inspired earlier today in church , as my darling Husband gave a beautiful rendition of Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father. In celebration of Father’s Day.

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