Daily Companion.

He is always there  To answer when I call Even when I don’t call  He is my companion… forever When I am lonely And all alone His love is never far He’s surrounded me with Friends,loved ones and Families Great books and music alongside Thoughts from great minds afar keeps me company all the time….

New birth cheers.

Bring on the cheers It’s the arrival of our girly girl Surrounded by boys in the hood It’s time for a girlish company Oh, it’s but just a dream Cheers  to the birth of new babies  In  human or idea form.   Ronovan, This is for you. Happy birthday Ronovan Sure you’re rolling over with…

Wordless Wednesday.

Pictures speak louder than words. #Wordless Wednesday. Some chemistry going on between the Micky and Ms.Cocky or what?   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.