#Mopelola- She is Womb(man).

Wombman= Man with a Womb=Woman.

celebrating womanhood

I heard someone once say,

When you are  a manufacturer, your first product is a test. She was making reference to the fact that when God created Man, Adam was a test product after He created Adam, God wasn’t satisfied because all Adam was hard Rock.

But God needed another kind of product that will partner with him in the business of Creation full of emotion,soft and succulent with the ability to receive and nurture seeds of greatness to fruition. So he went back to his drawing board  and started mapping out strategies to make another man,but this time having different feature and a bag inside her to conceive life and assist God in spreading life -the bag is her womb.

The rest they say is history- In today’s world, we see how the Man tries to annihilate himself by destroying his Womb(man) with every weapon available. Through the many faces of violence and abuse against Her.

What is it about her?

what is it about the woman

You want to break her,

You molest her

You want to disfigure her

Till she can’t recognise herself

Or believe she’s worth anything

The same thing that draws  her to you

is what is pushing her away from you

Strange isn’t it

You love her,you want to own her but she’s not a property to be owned

You oppress and suppress her

You despair because you can’t break her

Because there is a virtue in her

The capacity to absorb all that you throw at her, and still keep her head high

and still keep her head held high

You want her to need you

You try all you can to find validation through her

You like to see her weakened to show your strength

If only you knew that

You are the other half of her

Just as she is the half of you

Without her, you are not complete

The woman is in the man complete

The man is in the woman made whole

You chip her away slowly with your actions

Bit by bit

You try to make her ugly,unwanted and unloved

You say she’s not enough

Yet you are the incomplete one

You want to be her “El-Shaddai”

But you know what

You shall die

Because you die every time you don’t let her blossom.

Who does she think she is?

Too admirable

Too Bold

Too confident

Too daring

Too Educated

Too fabulous,fearless,Too famous

Too successful

Too industrious,

Who permitted her to be all this and all that?

Oh I thought you knew.

Ask Her Manufacturer

Because it’s not you.

How dare she achieve so much ?

She was given the capacity to be all this and all that,

The womb was not just to make babies alone

It was designed in her to keep her dreams until it shows forth

So while you trying to hold her down , you made her srronger still

This beautiful masterpiece, is a treasure too valuable to be handle by mere mortals

Too complex, in her complexities her true beauty unfolds.

She is the Wombman.

The greatest life producing entity in the Universe.

The Woman

The right hand of the Man

The one who came out of Man.

Intrincately woven by the hands of the Creator of beings,of time of things

She is Woman.

African woman,oriental woman, women all over

Caucasian,Mongolian, blackish whitish,brownish

We are all of us complete!


Inspired by my Mum -Mopelola Lafiaji

Ezinne Ukoha and The poet Donna

A little piece of my #Mopelola, A song gradualling morphing into a Movement 😀

#Mopelola-The Memoir of a Revolutionaire.


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