The purpose filled life and the idol of purpose

I just have to pass this across, How many of us are lurked in the idolatry of purpose in the name of finding purpose,walking in Purpose and bla bla bla, chasing after the “great”assignment,what about our obedience to the little things.
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Ms Alheri

It’s welcome for me from my unofficial break. I’m refreshed and ready to attack the rest of the year. Today I have a post from an old friend, Salma Alegeh and it’s a lovely, lovely, read. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to write for the blog, please email me at I really want a lot of features this summer, so send them innnnn!


Purpose is the ultimate culmination of a life lived in complete obedience and submission to the will of God for us. It’s not the job I think I should have, the degree from whatever university I think will make me happy, it’s that moment when the Lord entrusts to our care the portion of Kingdom business that is ours to grow and cultivate.

In Christian circles, we often hear a derivative of this sentence…

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  1. Mary Job says:

    Very accurate line of thought. What comes to mind is when we say things like “I’m not yet where I should be”. Fact is at every point in time, we are were we should be, good or bad. Every step is purpose filled.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Every step is purpose filled! selah.

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