#Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool.

celebrating womanhood

I am a strong advocate for the woman with respect to coming to the fullness of everything about her. Celebrating her grace and virtues, honoring and saluting all forms of courage displayed by the special breed-Woman!

I had the opportunity to be at  a conference over the weekend, I had seen the advert for the conference on the social media, so I went ahead to register because the convener and one of the speakers for the event happened to be women that I had started gravitating towards.

The day came, and I was dressed in white with a touch of gold,that was the dress code for the conference- I got into the hall and it felt so pure and heavenly with the sea of women in their white apparels in different styles, the interior decor of the hall and the sparkling lights in sync with the atmosphere was so surreal.

I began to experience the unusual as soon as I walked in, the first speaker was already on stage and before she went on into her discuss, she blew the shofar, that  was a significant moment for me.

One after the other all the speakers took turns and made deposits into other women as God gave them utterances. However at the turn of the third speaker,there was a shift,and that shift was indescribable, at some point while she was speaking she told us -the audience to face the other person and just speak words to one another.

The lady sitting next to me was trying to avoid the eye contact, as the speaker told us to look into each other eyes and speak life, As I tried to look into her eyes she’ll turn and look elsewhere and look back at me again, it’s not easy looking into the eyes of a stranger,because at that point in time that was all we were -strangers sitting together.


white apparels
Cross section of  Women in White!


That strangeness soon change as everyone in that hall,glittering in white apparels and gold,woman to woman,we held one another’s hand and we started to pray one for another and the prayers intensified,and the intensity increased, and the prayer language changed we began to groan as one in labour yes, we were in labour. All of a sudden we began to pray out the mind of God for one another with accuracy and clarity.  Because of God’s presence that was evident in that atmosphere, He gave us the enablement to “stand in the gap” and bring to the earth realm what had long been hanging!



Midwives- SisterPower.


Sister power

Sisters with power

Unbeknown to us

Our eyes lurked

As we held hands

Speaking life

strangers we were

With a common goal

Here on the birthing stool

To take the delivery

Of that precious child

We each carried for too long

With the help of the midwives

Saying Push!

Push correctly!

This is your moment in time

Chin down your chest

Now push, they screamed

I’m too tired, she cried

The pain is too much

For me to bear

Then the midwife whispered in her ears

Holding her hand tenderly,

We are in this together.

With the warmth from her midwife

And the joy of seeing her baby

She pushed one last time

Oh! the sound of a crying baby

Destiny was birthed

On that stool

With such SisterPOWER

Sister power so pure

so true, it goes beyond

class and status quo

This power is beyond age or degree

Sister power that levels from all end

for the sole purpose of PURPOSE

So that heaven’s investment

Is not a colossal loss.

Sister power endowed by our Father

For strange works of righteousness

In the earth realm

Breaking the chains of affliction.

Sister power divine enablement

For impact and Influence.

#Womensupportingwomen #Womenmentoringwomen #conception#delivery#wombman

These article and poem are a dedication to all the women supporting  other women in the realization of their God-ordained destinies. #ROTH2016 #Bidemi Mark-Mordi #Mayokunoreofe#Annamccoy#Lindawallace . #Winningwomen #warriorwomen.

I celebrate you all.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All right reserved.

Pictures courtesy: ROTH Crew.





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  1. I love such warm get-togethers. Always fruitful.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Yes it is Sis.


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