#MondayMusing- Collaboration.

In the last few weeks , I started sharing my thoughts via video on my instagram page and on my facebook. The aim is to be able to impact someone and as a result of the impact, the someone also impacts another. On and on, and wll cause a ripple effect as the cycle goes on and on.

Part of the reasons why I was scarcely seen on this blogosphere ,was because I wanted to have clarity and not just beating the air …aimlessly! Thanks be to God, the assignment is getting clearer and clearer.

Today On #mondaymusingswithOBA, I shared  a bit about the power of collaboration. This stemmed out of the things that had already started unfolding in my life as regards my asignment and my journey.

There is a common saying like this,”No man is an island” because of this phenomenal and fundamental truth, life without collaboration is empty and vague! I was blessed to meet an amazing dynamite Coach Bidemi Mark-Mordi,  we call her”SistaB”, read more here #Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool., from that meeting I knew I was in for a greater level of walk and work.

Collaboration is an empowering connection with sole purpose of making the people involved together are in a “Win-win” situation.

Collaboration is not selfish in nature, it is not about ,”what is in it for me” but about  ” we-win together!

For you to get the best out of a collaborative effort, you must have something that you are bringing to the table.

Don’t say, “I don’t have anything to offer”, you do have a whole lot to bring to the table no matter how insignificant you think that gift,or idea is.

Little is much ,in a collaborative environment,whatever you have to bring to the table, will make a world of impact.

In whichever relationship you may find your self ,Remember it is an empowerment to better all involved, at home, at work and at play.

A Three fold cord cannot be easily broken.

You can check out  today’s musing , https://facebook.com/bamike.adeyemi.



Inspired from the book -Sista Power by Bidemi Mark-Mordi




OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.



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