The Big Picture Thinking.

helen keller

The big picture thinking is collaborating to create value for others and not for selfish interest, especially in a world where the gospel of ” Me, myself and I” Predominant.

The big picture for any individual, or corporate entity involving people is to create value for others, and as we all do so , we, in turn, become beneficiaries of the values we create in others and for others.


In response to Jackies thinking corner.


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  1. rosemawrites says:

    what a lovely message you conveyed, Oba! Indeed two or more heads is better than one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. rosemawrites says:

        most welcome, Oba! 🙂


  2. Together, we can truly do so much even beyond our thoughts.


  3. Truly, team work makes the dream work.


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