Weary Wanderer.

Life is a journey and on that journey, there are those who just wander around.

Individuals  who just go through the motions, through the cycles of life, without asking questions about life in itself. They seem to see no purpose in life beyond enduring the day to day living. Just getting at the slightest chance life gives.

08-10-2016 09-11-30

To them things just happenned , no clue, no plan, no enthusiam, Nothing!

Trust me, I was once like that, clueless about why I am here, no excited about anything, because there was nothing to be excited about. (So I thought)!

Until I got to the point where I became dissatisfied about everything around me, and within me.There must be more to this Life!

I remember this old hymnal from back in the days whose first line goes like this; “weary wanderer, stop and listen!, I can’t remember the other part of the Hymn, but this first line as remained with me for as long as I can remember.

As I began to listen more, I found out , and I am still discovering  that I am made of more, in service to God and fellow Human beings, I am beginning to give full expressions to the “more’ that has been inputed in my DNA even before time began.

I began to embrace and love life more, and to be thankful and grateful for each passing moment for it a rare gift. Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of confronting low self esteem,and lack of confidence is not an easy task.  The story’s changed from ” once-upon-a-time-weary-wanderer ‘ to a vibrant ,confident ,Godchaser in pursuit-of-purpose.

To apprehend all that for which God through Christ apprehended me.

Per adventure, there is a weary wanderer, just like I used to be, reading this right now,the voice of your creator is calling on you to stop! and listen to the plans and purpose He has for you. Jer 29:11.

Maybe you know someone, in this state, Kindly love on them, show them through your acts that in deed life is beautiful,contrary to what he/she may be going through.

Let them know that they are never alone, or forsaken in this journey,show them in love that , they have a great life ahead, so they should not settle down with “going through the motion”.

Weary Wanderer stop and listen , God’s voice is calling you to reason, to life, to purpose.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


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