Dear Daughter, Don’t Let them Define You!

Every Wednesday I write a post focusing on celebrating womanhood at all levels,today I couldn’t write any because my eyes are kind of heavy from reading,but I found this post interesting and courageous, If I had a biological daughter this is apt, So to all daughters and sisters and all women. Have a good read.

Random Musing #57.

The Cry for More  The yearnings of every soul From one season to another The thirst for more, Insatiable. Satisfy us in the morning  With your unfailing love Only you truly satisfy.   What is  your cry for more? Selah!   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.    

Wordless Wednesday.

Pictures do the talking. What say this one? Sights from Jerusalem.   OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

Wisdom Wednesday.

Impossible is a myth It is not real Impossible is false evidence appearing real Forcing you to stay still Trapped in the cage of Illusion Instead of following His Instruction…… To them, that believe Anything is possible. I believe therefore I speak Though you fire is just a little ember Close your eyes, see the…