Tips on Writing Song Lyrics For Beginners

Hello Everyone, It’s #MondayMusic&Me. I found this helpful tips from a blogger friend and just wanted to share with you all,especially the beginners . Have a good read.


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Songs aren’t made miracles. Songwriters spent years  learning how to create good ones like the ones we hear over the radios and concert halls. But it costs quite a lot. So as an aspiring songwriter, myself, I’ll teach you some very important tips on how to write a song.

Tip #1 : For a beginner in lyrics writing, before anything else, create a title. The title should be interesting and not widely used so you can make your own signature as a writer.


Be as creative as you are for your title. Because it’ll be the first thing people will know before they’ll listen to your song. Be it unique, be it original. Do not stick with the usual, think out of the box.

When I decide for the song title, it’ll take me 15-30 minutes just to decide for it. Do not be surprised if with that span…

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  1. Mary Job says:

    Nice one. Title first, never thought of that. I always feel like writing a song.😊

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