RUN BABY RUN…Pursuing your life’s purpose.

One of my first post from the archives, still very apt . Run Baby Run,with every fibre in you, the race that is set before you.


Every man woman boy or girl old or young on this side of eternity present has been designed by God to fulfil purpose in one form or another, and that can be proven from the beginning of beginnings, Genesis, where the whole dynamics of creation was set in motion.

He gave man authority and dominion to influence the earth realm.God imputed to every man from Adam, the capacity to become his very best but the manifestation didn’t come overnight.There is a process to becoming!

This week I will like to focus my discuss from an old film I watched many years back, now I am not quite sure it was a movie or  the title of a song way back then. well, in any case,  I loved the slogan and did use it in my first book. I will like to use it again to drive home some thoughts running…

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