The broken, mended.

boy in worship.

The atmosphere of the gathering was electrifying as the sounds of worship cuts deeply into the heart of all and sundry. Inemesit had never felt anything like this before, No never.

A little over a year ago, Inemesit a 13-year-old troubled teenager, was faced with a trauma that shook his entire world, he lost both parents in a car accident and blamed himself for the fatal accident because it was while both parents were arguing, about what he had done the night before their road trip, that their car went into head-on collision with a rickety truck.

He just heard a loud bang, and everything became dark and scary like in the movies, he thought to himself. Next thing he knew he was lying on the Hospital bed with one of his legs hung up.

Days went by, and all Inemesit could remember was that last statement that ensued from his parents’ argument.

“You have always been encouraging his bad behavior, said his father to his mum, as he held on tightly to the steering wheel.

I don’t know why you cannot discipline your own child, see the disgrace he has brought on the family now, as he kept on, Inemesit mother started sobbing and mumbled words under her breath, not able to withstand the rantings of her husband, she burst out in anger,

“You are a bad example to our son, Tade.all this is your fault because you are never around to show him how to be a young man. It was at that point that the father lost control of the vehicle as he didn’t see the old truck heading towards them. GBOA!!

As the young lad recalled the unfortunate incident, he started crying and yelling out for his parents

“Mummy, daddy  I am sorry, he wept on profusely. Please forgive me- He didn’t know that his parent did not survive the accident.

Once he was told about his parents’ demise, Inemesit suffered a psychological and mental trauma which took him many months to recover.

It was at the chapel situated within the radius of the hospital, that Inemesit gradually found life and hope again.

Throughout his ordeal with the guilt of losing both parents, the chaplain and some of the youth coordinator never left Inemesit to himself, they showed him through the golden book and by their lifestyle that God loves him beyond his guilt and shame, and never failed to tell him that the accident was never his fault.

The process of forgiving himself was not easy, but as he opened his heart to receive God’s love, he gradually learned to forgive and his life took a new turn. He never lacked the support of the Chapel members in them he found a new family, that loved him beyond his frailties.  He became very active in the activities of the chapel.

Joining the choir gave him a new lease on life as he able to express his heart song to the lover of soul, together with the other young people they began to use music as therapy for other people in the hospital who had one form or medical issue or another.

Inemesit, the broken now had become the mender of others.





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